What Is the Best Way to Learn How to Draw Nudes?


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The best way to learn how to draw nudes is to take a figure drawing class at a university or workshop where models pose naked in person. This is often seen as the best method since a student artist is able to draw from life instead of from a still image.

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Drawing daily will help budding artists learn how to sketch more effectively. When taking a figure-drawing class, students often draw quick nudes that are called gestural drawings. According to Proko, these drawings can be done in short time spans, like 30, 60, or 90 seconds typically, or during longer time frames from 5 to 10 minutes, and the process allows students to learn to draw what they see rather than what they imagine in front of them.

Gestural drawings, also known as quicksketches, are often used prior to making a completed sketch or finished artwork. Through gestural drawings, students find the pose that looks best and then refine it, allowing them to work through the initial stages of image planning quickly. Once the pose is chosen, a model may then hold it while students use the rest of their class time to create a finished piece.

Other methods of learning to draw nude figures include downloading a nude character in a 3-D poser program, using a small wooden mannequin or drawing self portraits in the nude. Using photos to draw from typically comes at an intermediate or advanced level when the structure of the body is already understood.

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