What Is the Way to Draw Cartoons, Step by Step?

What Is the Way to Draw Cartoons, Step by Step?

To draw cartoon characters, start with a circle and draw in the eyes followed by the jaw, nose, mouth, ears and hair and then draw the body. Details such as shading add depth and a three-dimensional quality.

Cartoons are based in reality but have a comical quality. Cartoonists take artistic license with their drawings, but the basic steps remain the same.

Step1: Draw the face

Draw a circle for the face. Lightly sketch an intersecting horizontal and vertical line for perspective. Draw the eyes first, then the eyebrows. Add the jaw below the circle and sketch in the nose and mouth. The ears are the next step, followed by hair. Keep perspective in mind when drawing the facial features.

Step 2: Draw the body

Sketch a large oval for the character's body, use lines for the arms and legs and small ovals for the hands and feet. Draw these components in the position in which the character will be standing. Modify the stick arms and legs with broader lines to transform them into true arms and legs. Add details to the oval body to form it into a more recognizable body shape. Lastly, modify the hand and feet ovals to resemble cartoon hands and feet or shoes.