What Is the Best Way to Find Discounts on the Top 20 DVD New Releases?

What Is the Best Way to Find Discounts on the Top 20 DVD New Releases?

GetDVDPrices.com and CheapestDVDPrice.com are websites that locate, collect and display online sources of the top 20 DVD new releases. Each website lists DVDs according to their discounted prices, seller information and online vendor.

CheapestDVDPrice.com has one advantage over GetDVDPrices.com; its homepage displays recently-released and upcoming top DVD releases. The lists currently displayed correspond to similar lists of new releases on Amazon.com, as of March of 2015.

It may be necessary to consult the Amazon.com 'Hot New Releases,' or a similar list on another website to maximize the interface on GetDVDPrices.com, as both GetDVDPrices.com and CheapestDVDPrice.com are essentially search engines whose databases reflect DVDs and price ranges across a wide pool of online vendors.

Both websites enable users to search for DVDs by a variety of criteria, including actor, movie title, director or UPC. The database of each website contains thousands of titles, a link to external websites where new and used DVDs are available at full and discount prices in the United States and Canada.

Similarly, Amazon.com contains information on discounted copies of its top new releases. DVD sellers are typically individuals or small stores that choose to sell new and used merchandise through Amazon; discounts typically range from 5 to 60 percent.