What Are Some of the Most Watched PBS Documentaries?


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The most popular documentary series viewed on PBS is its long running show, "Nature." It was originally released in October of 1982 and has since aired 31 seasons and more than 500 episodes. It is a weekly program that consists of documentaries about various animals and ecosystems.

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PBS has long been known for its documentary series. In addition to "Nature," one of the network's more popular programs is "American Masters," which produces biographies on artists, actors and writers of the United States who have left a profound impact on the nation's popular culture.

Similar to "Nature," "Nova" is a documentary series that explores popular science, with each episode focusing on particular subjects and discoveries.

One of the most popular documentaries of all time is called "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out." This program casts doubt on the scientific validity of the United States government's investigation into the World Trade Center Disaster. It is explained that the government agency charged with the disaster's investigation did not provide an explanation of the mass or energy that would be required to bring the buildings down in about ten seconds. However, according to experts in the special, the scientific community rejected such reports immediately. The documentary's producers have been trying to educate the public for years.

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