How Do You Watch Free TVB Drama Series? and provide free access to watch TVB drama series. Both websites show ads during free video streams, but you can purchase subscriptions to remove some or all advertisements. As of 2015, some popular TVB drama series that are available for streaming are “Growing Through Life” and “Grace Under Fire.” Most TVB shows are in Chinese and feature English subtitles.

DramaFever offers a variety of TV shows and movies to watch in over 10 countries. The service can be accessed on its app through a variety of devices, such as smartphones and gaming consoles. Free streaming and premium monthly paid subscriptions are available to all users. Depending on which monthly plan you subscribe to, you can stream videos in HD quality and receive other special offers. Hulu provides some similar features as DreamFever because as of 2015, both companies have had an exclusive partnership since 2010.

TVB is a Hong Kong television station and is one of the largest commercial television production centers in the world. The network is a free digital terrestrial TV station that is commonly referred as wireless television. TVB production is also broadcasted in other countries through subscription satellite services. The network also operates five other Hong Kong TV channels, including TVB Pearl and TVB Jade.