How Do You Watch the "Today" Show Online?

How Do You Watch the "Today" Show Online? and feature video clips from the “Today” show, but no full episodes are available online. The show also has an official mobile app to watch videos and is available on a variety of app stores. As of 2015, the app is available for free and is available for smartphones and tables. Both the app and the website also provide recent news articles for users to read.

The “Today” show is an American morning news and talk show that broadcasts on NBC. The show airs a four-hour broadcast during weekdays and is considered the fifth-longest-running American TV series. The program debuted in 1952 as the first of its genre on American television until “Good Morning America” debuted in the late 1980s. Since 2002, the “Today” show has maintained a number two spot behind ABC's "Good Morning America" in the TV ratings.

The “Today” show broadcasts from Rockefeller Center in New York City. Each hour of the show features different news anchors and hosts, except for the first two hours which are anchored by Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. During broadcasts, local affiliates are offered a few five-minute windows to insert local news into the broadcast, such as forecasts and traffic reports.