How Do You Watch Shows Stream on Antenna TV?

How Do You Watch Shows Stream on Antenna TV?

Antenna TV is a digital-over-air television channel that is available for free to users in broadcast areas. It is possible to access Antenna TV with a properly installed and operating TV antenna and digital tuner.

Use the following to locate Antenna TV.

  1. Find out if Antenna TV broadcasts locally
  2. Go to the Antenna TV website and enter the local ZIP code into the search box at the top right side of the page. Press the "Find" button. The next page should show what local and cable channel Antenna TV broadcasts on if it is broadcast in the local area.

  3. Set up the antenna
  4. Purchase a television with a digital tuner or a digital converter box for older televisions. Set up the converter box according to the package instructions. Also purchase an antenna to pick up the broadcast channel. Set the antenna up according to the box directions. Whether inside or outside, it is best to place the antenna high up and near a window. Connect the antenna to the input jack on a newer television or the digital converter box.

  5. Locate the channel
  6. Open up the menu screen on the converter box or television. Go to the "Settings" screen. Go to "Installation" or "Channels." Click on the option to scan for new channels. The television screen will go blank while the antenna scans for all available digital channels. When the scan is complete close the menus and go to the local channel listed for Antenna TV. Adjust the antenna as needed to get a clear picture.