How Do You Watch Past Episodes of "EastEnders" From Vision TV?

How Do You Watch Past Episodes of "EastEnders" From Vision TV?

Vision TV offers past episodes of "EastEnders" for streaming on its website,, as of 2015. Online viewing is only available for users in valid locations. The site has episodes from the most recent months of the show available.

To watch past episodes of "EastEnders" on, visit the site's home page, and click "EastEnders" under the Featured Shows heading. If the show isn't listed, click Browse More next to that heading, and find "EastEnders" on the full list of available shows.

The show's page lists recent available episodes under the Watch Online heading. Click All "EastEnders" Videos to view all the available videos on the site. Each video has a title, which provides the episode number, along with that episode's original air date. Click a video to play it.

The "EastEnders" page also includes the days and times the show airs on Vision TV. The site provides channel information for Vision TV on multiple providers in different areas. To view channel information, click the Where To Watch link on the show's page. The channel line-up opens as a PDF.

"EastEnders" has been on the air in the United Kingdom for over 25 years. It focuses on residents of the Albert Square area on London's East End.