How Do You Watch NBC Sports Programming Online?

How Do You Watch NBC Sports Programming Online? allows you to watch NBC Sports programming online. NBC Sports Live Extra is a service that allows you to watch live and past sporting events. The service is also available for viewing on mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone. NBC Sports Live Extra is only available for customers who are already subscribers to the NBC Sports channel. The service is available at no extra charge, and you must log in through your TV provider’s website.

The website’s login authentication is required to support the network’s ongoing investment in sports programming for all available platforms. As of 2015, the service is not available for purchase individually without a TV provider subscription. To access NBC Sports Live Extra online, you must install the latest version of Adobe Flash on your computer. The Adobe Flash player allows you to view videos in high-definition quality and access the service’s DVR controls. provides additional information on the minimum system requirements needed to view its programming and troubleshooting tips.

The NBC Sports Live Extra app is also available on a variety of tablet devices. The application is available for download at no extra charge and also requires a TV provider’s login credentials. You can access video streaming through a WiFi signal or a 3G or 4G connection.