How Do You Watch Movies on YouTube?

Full movies can be viewed on YouTube by going to the website and entering Full Movie or a specific movie title into the search text box, by subscribing to a movie channel, such as Movies, or by selecting the Movies link from the left side of the home page. YouTube full-length movie offerings may require a purchase and include categories such as new releases, classics, animation, top sellers, comedies and documentaries.

In order to watch movies on YouTube:

  1. Create an account
  2. Create an account on YouTube. Although not required to watch movies, shows and videos on YouTube, it offers users the ability to subscribe to movie channels and manage account history and watch later lists.

  3. Find movie channels on YouTube
  4. Search movies by keyword, title, channel or by clicking the movie link. Subscribe to a channel with an active account and click on the My Channel link.

It is possible to visit websites, such as and, that allow users to view full-length movies from YouTube's Screening Room or from the Movie Fork website, but both options are not legitimate venues for YouTube movies as of October 2015. The YouTube Screening Room channel premiered in 2008 as a centralized site for professional films, notes, but the link to the channel is currently unavailable.