How Do You Watch Movies Through Putlocker?

To watch movies through Putlocker, an Internet connection and a Flash or DivX Player are needed. Internet connection speed can slow down the loading process. To keep movies from buffering, press pause, and allow the movie to load in the background before watching. If the main video does not play, choose one of the alternative links provided. Report all videos that do not work.

Watching Putlocker on an iPad is often challenging. To do so, first download an application called Rover; this app allows an iPad to access Flash content. Once the app is installed, open the Internet browser, and visit Putlocker's website. Copy the link to the desired movie, open Rover, and paste the link. Rover's Flash capabilities allow immediate access to the movie.

Putlocker offers an extensive database of movies from many genres. If a movie is not available, users are asked to request it by leaving the movie title, year of production and Internet Movie Database URL on Putlocker's movie request page. Updates on the status of requests are given frequently.

Putlocker is a United Kingdom based company that provides free movies for online viewing. While Putlocker has been criticized by the movie industry for its actions, the company fights copyright infringement by forging agreements with copyright holders. Putlocker refuses to host files that infringe on a copyright, and it routinely blocks accounts of individuals who post such files.