How Do You Watch Movies for Free?

As of 2015, and feature free full-length movies. provides free films due to its partnership with Sony Pictures. features its films from Screen Media Ventures. Both websites don’t require an account and movies can be watched instantly. However, some movies may feature short video advertisements during the film. Both streaming services are also available on various streaming devices, such as smartphones and gaming consoles. also features some free full-length films without an account. However, some movies are only available for viewing by subscribed members. Subscription only films include a green “subscribe” icon on the movie title. Free full-length films do not feature any icons on movie titles. Hulu’s free films also feature video advertisements during the movies. Free films are only available in standard-definition, while subscription members can view films in high-definition quality. is another website that offers free movies. The website also features some free TV series and anime episodes. No registration is required to view videos and content is available for viewing immediately. The website also claims to be a legal site and makes sure the content owners are paid. The streaming service is also available for viewing through its mobile app.