How Do You Watch the Movie "Norbit" Online?


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The film "Norbit," starring Eddie Murphy, is available for a 48-hour rental period or purchase through Amazon Instant Video. While the film used to be available through Netflix, it was removed from their instant streaming collection, though it remains available for rental through their DVD and Blu-Ray mailing program.

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Both high-definition and standard-definition versions of "Norbit" are available for rental or download through the Amazon site. Amazon Instant Video allows customers to pay a small fee in order to rent a film from their collection for a 48-hour period.

Alternatively, if customers wish to add the film to their collections permanently, they can purchase it for a larger fee. Purchasing a video gives users the option to download it, which allows them to view it on other devices even when not connected to the Internet. While Amazon also has a free rental library for its Amazon Prime members, "Norbit" is not available for free streaming through the program, as of April 2015.

Viewers who enjoy "Norbit" can find several other films starring Eddie Murphy through Amazon Instant Video. Among these films are "Coming to America," "Dreamgirls," "The Nutty Professor" and "The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps." Similar films available through the program include "Big Momma's House," "Life" and "Friday."

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