How Do You Watch the Living Proof Ministries Live?

How Do You Watch the Living Proof Ministries Live?

The Living Proof Ministries broadcasts live on multiple networks through the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia. It can also be attended in person at regularly scheduled live events once to twice a month at locations throughout the United States.

To attend live special events on location, consult the Living Proof Ministries website for their current schedule. Each event on the site shows the location, date and time of the service. Additionally, visitors can find information on how to purchase tickets to the event by phone, mail and fax. Bundle pricing for group discounts is also available.

Useful information is also provided on places to stay near the event with each listing including the hotel name, reservation number, pricing, amenities, room rate, booking code and distance to venue. Featured guests and the event schedule is also displayed for the service.

For those preferring to watch a Living Proof Ministries broadcasts from home, its site also shows all scheduled airings throughout multiple continents. Visitors to the site can sort by network or individual markets to find the channels and times in their area for broadcasts.

Normal television broadcasts are done from its dedicated studio in Euless, Texas. Persons interested in attending the broadcast in person can purchase tickets by telephone or reserve their tickets by email. If wanting to see a particular guest on the show, check the Living Proof Ministries website which lists upcoming guests by appearance date.