How Do You Watch Live Somali Television?


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Somali National TV (SNTV), Universal Somali TV and Somaliland National TV (SLNTV) can all be watched free of charge by tuning into their online live streams. The live streams of all these three channels can be found on their official web pages.

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Somalia's official state television channel, Somali National TV (SNTV), broadcasts live from the capital Mogadishu, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its live signal is available through SNTV's LiveStream channel. Universal Somali TV, the largest private Somali satellite television network broadcasting from London, offers several options for viewers around the world. Besides the live feed on its official webpage, Universal Somali TV also offers a free app for Android and iOS with which viewers can watch the station on their mobile devices. Universal Somali TV's website also features an archive of previously broadcast material. Lastly, the autonomous region of Somaliland's official channel Somaliland National TV (SLNTV) offers a live feed from the provincial capital of Hargeisa on its official webpage. Viewers can also watch these and many other Somali television channels, such as the private television channels Eastern Television Network (ETN TV), Somali Broadcasting Corporation (SBC TV), and Horn Cable Television (HCTV), by tuning into their terrestrial and satellite broadcasting signals.

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