How Do You Watch Live Curling Online?

How Do You Watch Live Curling Online? provides completely free live streams of curling games. Canada's Sports Network, TSN, also streams curling games live from its Web page onvr the viewer indicates his television service provider. streams curling games live, even in the off-season. Viewers do not have to sign in or enter any television service provider information. The camera is positioned facing the target, or "house," and scoreboard. Audio and image quality are fairly good. Viewers can watch in medium or full screen and can pause the match as desired. Additionally, the Livestream website functions as an interactive online community, allowing viewers to discuss the progression of the game with other viewers. The site provides the option to embed or link the game on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace pages.

TSN provides better video and audio quality than; however, streaming requires that the viewer enter his television service provider information. The Sports Network website gives a comprehensive list of what is currently airing and what is scheduled to air in the weeks to come. Unlike, however, TSN does not stream curling matches during the off season. If a viewer is interested in streaming former curling games from the most recent season, CurlingZone features archived videos.