How Do You Watch "General Hospital" Online for Free?

How Do You Watch "General Hospital" Online for Free?

Watch "General Hospital" episodes for free by visiting the WATCH ABC live stream service. Viewers with a TV provider, such as DIRECTV or Verizon FIOS, may watch shows live, and those with no provider must wait one week after each episode airs to watch it for free.

WATCH ABC does not require viewers to subscribe to a participating TV provider to watch its content for free. However, those with a TV subscription can watch new episodes first.

  1. Visit WATCH ABC
  2. Go to the WATCH ABC website and select the TV provider from the list.

  3. Sign in
  4. Sign in with the user name and password used for the TV provider.

  5. Select an episode
  6. Choose the "General Hospital" episode airing live or one that previously aired.

If a viewer does not have a TV service provider, she can still catch previously aired episodes of "General Hospital" on the website.

  1. Visit the ABC website
  2. Visit the ABC website and click "Search" at the top right side of the page.

  3. Search
  4. Enter "General Hospital" in the search box. Click "General Hospital" when it appears under the search box.

  5. Select an episode
  6. Select an episode from the list.

Please note that any episode with "Verify to Watch" on the screen can only be viewed by those with a TV subscription with a cable or satellite provider.