How Do You Watch Full Episodes of "Burn Notice" Online?

How Do You Watch Full Episodes of "Burn Notice" Online? and allow users to watch full episodes of “Burn Notice” online. only allows online streaming when users sign into the website with a participating TV provider’s login credentials. allows users to purchase individual episodes or full seasons of the show. As of 2015, both websites also allow full episode streaming on various devices, including tablets and smartphones. and also provide users the option to purchase entire seasons or individual episodes of the show online. Both websites provide brief descriptions of each episode along with pricing information, which might vary depending on what video quality the user purchases. As of 2015, offers a rewards program that gives points to users when they make purchases on the website. Users later have the option to use earned points for discounts on various titles within the website.

"Burn Notice" is a television series that mainly follows the story of a renegade spy named Michael Westen. The title of the show refers to the burn notices that government agencies provide to announce the dismissal of agents who are considered unreliable. Westen soon finds himself categorized as an unreliable agent who is unable to leave his hometown. This later leads him to find small investigative jobs to make a living, since leaving the town results in the U.S. government hunting him down.