How Do You Watch the French Open Online?


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A few sports channels offer live streaming of the French Open each year, including ITV and NBC Sports. Users can visit these sites and follow the links to watch their favorite players in action and even to see replays of matches.

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Use the following process to watch the French Open tennis tournament online.

  1. Go to the desired website
  2. Go to one of the websites streaming the French Open during the competition. For instance, visit the NBC Sports website and click on the "Tennis" tab in the upper right hand corner. When the competition is not on, these sites will not have a streaming channel for it.

  3. Locate the French Open stream
  4. Scroll through the listings of upcoming and currently live-streaming events for the "French Open." There may be a visible link to "Watch French Open" at the top of the page, too. Click on the link to go to a page with streaming video.

  5. Check out replays
  6. Fans can check out missed matches after they happen, too. For instance, go to the ESPN website and click on the "Watch" tab in the upper right corner. Scroll down and click on the "Replay" tab. Select "Tennis" from the drop-down menu for "Sports and Shows." Another option is to enter "French Open Replay" in the search bar on this page. Cable customers will need to enter their login information for their cable provider to view recent ESPN replays.

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