How Do You Watch Eritrean Live TV?

How Do You Watch Eritrean Live TV?

ERiTV, the state-owned Eritrean television network and the only television network broadcasting from Eritrea, streams live television on its website, Additionally, it is available via satellite internationally. ERiTV broadcasts in 576i standard definition, and its slogan is "Serving the Truth."

ERiTV is the only network allowed to broadcast in Eritrea as part of the government's policy of maintaining control over media publication and distribution.

ERiTV only streams and broadcasts ERiTV-1 internationally. This channel mostly airs news programming, music videos and scripted dramas. ERiTV-1 broadcasts primarily in four different languages: Tigrinya, Arabic, English and Tigre. It also airs some programming in other minority languages spoken in Eritrea, including Somali, Amharic and Afaan Oromoo. ERiTV seeks to provide the different cultures and languages of Eritrea with a fair share of broadcast time.

In addition to ERiTV-1, ERiTV has two additional networks that are only available for viewers in Eritrea. ERiTV-2 predominantly airs educational content, including English, math and science lessons, while ERiTV-3 airs Eritrean and international sports news.

The Eritrean government estimates that ERiTV has between one and two million viewers each week. Many of these viewers are Eritreans who live abroad. The Eritrean government uses ERiTV-1 as a means of communicating messages to its expatriates as well as its domestic population.