How Do You Watch Chinese TVB Dramas Online?

Some places to watch TVB dramas online include DramaFever, and Hulu. Hulu offers TVB dramas through TVB USA and includes such shows as "Can't Buy Me Love," "Curse of the Royal Harem" and "Master of Play." DramaFever offers TVB dramas as of 2015, including "The Hippocratic Crush," "Lives of Omission" and "Beyond the Realm of Conscience." also offers a variety of Asian dramas, including ones from TVB. However, the site lists the shows all under the category of Hong Kong dramas, and only by clicking on each title can a user find out if the drama is from TVB. can be streamed directly from the site or by downloading an app for Android devices.

Hulu is available through the Roku streaming device, on the site or through apps on Apple or Android devices. Hulu offers paid plans with limited commercials as well as commercial-free plans. It also offers free trials to new subscribers. Some shows are also available for free.

DramaFever is available with ads or without ads in a paid version. It offers a variety of Asian dramas as well as Latin American telenovelas. DramaFever supports watching directly from the site or watching from apps such as the iOS and Android.