How Do You Watch Free Cantonese Movies Online?

Free Cantonese movies online are typically on link repository sites that do not respect copyright. However, Cantonese movies can be watched online through legal, paying sites such as Fandor, Netflix and Cinflix. These sites have top Cantonese movies, recent releases and various other Asian movies. In addition to popular and recent Cantonese movies, Netflix and Fandor feature a variety of movies from other countries, while Cinflix has a variety of other Asian movies.

Fandor has a variety of popular Cantonese movies, including "Days of Being Wild," "Fulltime Killer," "Beast Stalker" and "As Tears Go By." It also has movies from other countries such as Japan, Thailand and Sweden. In addition to watching online, you can also watch through Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku.

Cinflix is a site dedicated solely to Asian movies and TV shows. It offers both a paid streaming option and a DVD rental option. It features new releases and adds new titles on a weekly basis. You can view movies online at the site or install the Android app and watch movies on your mobile device.

Amazon Prime also offers some Cantonese movies in a streaming format, including "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," "Love in a Puff," "Doctor Mack" and more.