How Do You Watch Baseball Games on TV?


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Watch baseball games on television by checking the schedules of channels such as ESPN, TBS, FOX Sports and the MLB Network from April until October. In these months, the Major League Baseball season is in full swing, ending with the World Series in late October, early November. ESPN also shows baseball games on its sister channel ESPN2.

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Most MLB teams have a large presence on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where they post reminders about their upcoming games. These teams also post video highlights, statistics and interviews about the games. You don't have to watch baseball games on television; ESPN streams games so that you can watch them live on your phone, laptop or video game console.

These channels not only show MLB games, but also show NCAA baseball games. ESPN shows regular season college baseball games on its sister channels and also shows games for the College World Series of Omaha. Major League Baseball is one of the most profitable sports league in the world because teams have to play 162 regular season games, compared to the NBA's 82 regular season games and the NFL's 16 regular season game schedule. Hence MLB players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

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