How Do You Watch Arabic Movies Online?

Watch Arabic movies online on YouTube’s Aflam channel. Aflam is a movie library created by YouTube to have all Arabic movies legally available on YouTube under one channel. The channel does not host or uploads the movies but aggregates movies from different official channels and organizes it under one channel. “El Ragol El Ghamed Besalamto,” “El Dictator,” “Gai Fel Saree,” “El Dada Doody” and “Erham Hoby” are some Arabic movies available on YouTube Aflam.

YouTube Aflam is a curated playlist of Arabic movies. As of July 2015, YouTube has signed up with four partners with digital and distribution rights of Arabic movies such as Sawt Al Fan. Users are directed from YouTube Aflam to the partner’s channel where the movie is uploaded. More partners are expected to join increasing the size of the library.

Google’s consumer marketing manager Najeeb Jarrar has said that the main aim of YouTube Aflam is introduce users to high-quality Arabic movies. Google also aims to minimize piracy in the region by offering high quality movies for free.

Majority of the films available on YouTube for free viewing are from the 40s, 50s and 60s. YouTube Aflam is also designed to facilitate easy searching of movies. Movies are categorized based on numerous factors, including directors, actors, date of release and genre.