How Do You Watch Afghan Tolo TV Live Online?

To watch Afghan Tolo TV live online, visit or, go to the list of channels, select Tolo TV from the list, and then click the Play button if the live stream feature does not launch automatically. For this to work, you must have Flash Player installed on your computer. You don't need to create an account to watch Tolo TV live on either website.

From the home page of AfghanCart, click the Live TVs button, and then click on the Tolo TV logo in the middle of the page. On the new page, click Tolo TV again if prompted, and then wait a few seconds for the live stream feature to load. You can also watch Tolo TV live on AfghanCart via an iPhone, iPad or tablet.

Alternatively, go to AfghanPlay, and select Tolo TV from the list of channels provided under Afghan Channels Live Online. The right side of the new page contains a list of channels available on AfghanPlay. You can choose between the high-definition and high-quality version of Tolo TV from the website. AfghanPlay offers more than 15 free Afghan TV channels online, as of 2015, and a brief description of each television channel is available on the website.