How Do You Watch ABC TV Shows Via Live Streaming?

watch-abc-tv-shows-via-live-streaming Credit: svetikd/E+/Getty Images

Viewers can watch ABC shows on live streams via ABC Live, an online streaming service offered to select broadcast locations within the ABC network through the Go family of live television websites. The site allows anyone living in a covered area where the service is available to stream ABC or a local affiliate as it airs its programming block.

Watching ABC Live is extremely easy for viewers in serviced areas. Those outside these areas must wait for the ABC network to expand its coverage.

  1. Check coverage
  2. The first step in streaming ABC Live is determining whether the user is within a coverage area. ABC Live coverage is determined by region and the service will not stream outside the United States or in areas not yet cleared for the site's online broadcast service.

  3. Check programming
  4. There is a scrolling banner under the streaming screen which allows users to examine programming schedules by date. This lets them see when their favorite programs will air so that they can log on to watch at the appropriate time.

  5. Watch stream
  6. The final step is simply to press play and watch the stream. There are a few customizable visual settings like screen maximization but the process is largely uncomplicated.