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Walter Mercado is considered one of the most recognized astrologers in the world. From the 1990s until 2010, Mercado’s TV show aired on Univision and broadcasted to several parts of the world. Mercado is also a dancer and once became the dance partner of comedian, Velda Gonzalez.

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Born in 1932, Mercado spent his early childhood in his birthplace of Ponce, Puerto Rico. He later majored in psychology and pedagogy from a university and used his skills to teach others how to study the human mind. He also majored in pharmacy and taught others about healing properties of medicinal plants.

Mercado later began working as an actor in various Puerto Rican soap operas, and he eventually opened his own acting school. His debut as a television astrologer began after a Puerto Rican producer asked him replace an artist’s timeslot on a TV show.

Mercado wore some fancy robes for his appearance, a look he kept through his career, and soon made regular predictions on the network. Mercado later worked at several TV stations and hosted many of his own shows. He also began writing his predictions in magazines and newspapers, eventually becoming a syndicated writer for the Miami Harold. As of 2015, Mercado continues to provide his predictions on his official website.

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