What Is "Waiting for Godot" About?


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The play "Waiting for Godot" is about two men, Vladimir and Estragon, who are waiting for a man named Godot. The play is divided into two acts. In the first act, Vladimir and Estragon are waiting by a tree on the side of the road for Godot to appear.

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As the play opens, Vladimir and Estragon discuss a number of topics including religion, nightmares and suicide. Eventually two other men appear, one of whom has a rope wrapped around his neck. The first man, Pozzo, introduces himself and his slave Lucky to Vladimir and Estragon. A series of absurd events unfold that seem to have no relation to one another; eventually, the scene culminates in Lucky dancing in order to entertain the other three men. Pozzo and Lucky leave, and the act ends as a boy appears and tells Vladimir and Estragon that Godot is not able to meet them today.

The second act begins during what appears to be the next day, at the same tree on the side of the road where Vladimir and Estragon are once again waiting for Godot. Pozzo and Lucky appear again, but this time Pozzo is blind and Lucky is dumb. Pozzo and Lucky do not remember meeting Estragon and Vladimir the previous day. The boy messenger appears once again and again informs the pair that Godot cannot meet them today, but like Pozzo and Lucky, the boy does not remember speaking with the pair the previous day. The play ends.

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