Who Is in the Wahlberg Family?

Many people are in the family of Mark Wahlberg, including Alma, Paul, Donnie, Bob and Jim Wahlberg. Others in the family are Arthur, Brandon and Johnny.

All of these family members appear in the "Wahlburgers" television program that airs on A&E. Alma serves as the voice of reason on the show and is also the inspiration for the name of Paul's restaurant, Alma Nove. Paul serves as the leader of the restaurant business of the family. Actor Mark Wahlberg contributes ideas for the restaurant to his family and is very competitive with them. The show presents Donnie Wahlberg as less ambitious than his brothers, but he plays a role in promoting the restaurant.

Other family members are present in the show but do not directly impact the Wahlberg's restaurant business. Bob, who has acted in movies such as "The Departed," and Jim, known for running the Boston Marathon and serving as the executive director of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, also occasionally appear on the TV series. Brother Arthur helps around the houses of his brothers, and young nephew Brandon is a fan of both sports and women. Johnny ?Drama? Alves is a cousin of Mark and serves as an entertaining prankster who also longs for an acting career.