How Do You Vote for Nominees in the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards?

How Do You Vote for Nominees in the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards?

Voting for the Kids' Choice Awards nominees is done electronically by accessing, using the Nickelodeon mobile device application, or via Twitter using #KCA. For the 2015 awards, international voting was available through 19 localized websites on six continents.

The voting for the 2015 awards took place February 20 through March 28, 2015, resulting in a record-breaking number of votes cast at 500 million. The awards ceremony was held Saturday, March 28.

The Kids' Choice Awards show traces its roots to 1986, when viewers mailed in paper votes for their favorite personalities and entertainment. For a time, Pizza Hut partnered with Nickelodeon to get kids to vote, with the show's viewers filling out ballots at Pizza Hut locations. With technological evolution came more sophisticated balloting, and the next method of voting to be introduced was by phone using a 1-900 number.

Voting then evolved to a presence on Nickelodeon's website along with voting by text message. Voting by text message was phased out in 2010 in favor of voting by using one of Nickelodeon's mobile device applications. On the award show's website, viewers can see lists of nominees, photos, videos, read news, and play games around the theme of a show.

Held annually, the awards allow young television viewers to vote in categories naming their favorite movies, musicians, games, cartoons and performers.