How Do You Vote for a Contestant on "The Voice"?

To vote for a contestant on "The Voice," you can vote online, on iTunes, via text message, via the voice app or call in your vote. Every show, a phone number is designated to each contestant. You may vote for a contestant up to 10 times.

During the Blind Auditions and the Battle Rounds, the judges vote on who advances to the next round. During the Live Playoff Rounds and the Live Shows, the final live performance phase of the competition, the television audience also has a vote. During the Live Playoffs and Live Shows, the host will inform you when voting is open. Once voting has officially begun, you can choose your preferred method of voting to vote for your favorite contestant.

The new Voice Official App allows you to be more interactive during the show. It lets you turn a chair and follow the judges in real time as they turn their chairs. You can connect with social media and express your opinion on who you would eliminate in the knockout rounds. Furthermore, during the Live Shows, you can submit your vote at the beginning of the show. You can also easily see who has won each phase of the competition.