Who Voiced the Characters in "The Incredibles?"?

Who Voiced the Characters in "The Incredibles?"?

Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sara Vowel and Spencer Fox voice the superhero Parr Family in "The Incredibles," with Eli Fucile and Maeve Andrews as baby Jack-Jack. Notable cast members include Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone, Brad Bird as Edna "E" Mode, Jason Lee as Syndrome and Elizabeth Peña as Mirage.

Craig T. Nelson voices frustrated insurance salesman Bob Parr and his alter-ego strongman, Mr. Incredible. Holly Hunter plays Bob's long-suffering wife, Helen Parr, the superhero Elastigirl. Sara Vowell is bashful Violet Parr, talented with a force field. Spencer Fox is exuberant Dashiell Parr, nicknamed Dash for his proclivity for speed.

Samuel L. Jackson is Mr. Incredible's bombastic friend, Frozone. He is active in other voice-over work in video games and movies.

Brad Bird is the film's writer and director. He also voices Edna Mode, scientist and tailor to the superheroes.

The MTV Movie Awards nominated the actors cast as the Parr family for its Best On-Screen Team category in 2005. Jackson received a nomination for several awards for his Frozone performance and won the BET award for best actor in an animated film. Bird's performance as Edna won him the Online Film and Television Association award for best voice-over performance.