How Does the Vizio M Series Television Compare With the E Series?


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The Vizio M Series line of televisions differs from the company's E Series line in several ways, most notably the available display sizes and features of each size. The M Series televisions are also typically more expensive than the E series models.

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The Vizio M Series televisions range in size from 43-inch displays on the small end to 80-inch displays on the larger end, compared to the E Series televisions, which start at a screen size of 24 inches and go up to 70 inches. Screen size plays a large role in determining the overall price of the television, as larger models typically cost more than smaller models. As the M Series televisions have a larger minimum screen size than the E Series televisions, their average price is significantly higher.

Similarly, the different screen sizes feature different resolutions and display zones that also contribute to price. For example, the 40-inch and 43-inch E series television have five LED zones, whereas all M Series models, except for the 43-inch option, have 32 zones. All E Series models also come with the DTS Studio Sound Advance surround sound speaker systems, while the M Series televisions only offer the standard DTS Studio Audio systems. The E Series televisions also come with varying numbers of HDMI ports, whereas the ports are standard on the M Series.

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