What Are Some Virtual DJ Studios?


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Some virtual DJ studios include Mixxx, Cross DJ and Traktor Pro 2. These programs range from entry-level to professional, but all offer a range of powerful features to allow users to DJ tracks from their computers.

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Mixxx is a free DJ program available for Mac, Windows and Linux. The software’s dedicated user community and open-source programming make it one of the most powerful free DJ programs available, with a range of extra features and plug-ins provided by users. The program offers two virtual DJ decks, with support for digital scratching, looping and time stretching. Mixxx also offers four sampler functions for triggering sound effects and audio clips.

Cross DJ is a mid-range program that offers four DJ decks, two samplers, 14 full effects and MIDI support. The software interfaces with 80 common DJ controllers, and Cross DJ also offers other options for utilizing external audio interfaces. Users can detect and match up musical keys for seamless song transitions, and the program allows DJs to easily jump around within songs.

Traktor Pro 2 is a professional DJ studio that is popular with some of the industry’s biggest names. Four DJ decks allow users to easily mix and crossfade between tracks, and the program also supports sync controls, beat matching and pitch shifting, allowing DJs to move between different tracks easily. The software is also compatible with most brands of MIDI controllers.

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