What Is "The Vinegar Anniversary Book" About?


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"The Vinegar Anniversary Book" is a guidebook by Emily Thacker detailing thousands of natural remedies and tonics using apple cider vinegar. According to the book, apple cider vinegar is an ancient healing medicine that cures many common ailments. However, it fell out of mainstream use due to modern dependence on pharmaceuticals.

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According to "The Vinegar Anniversary Book," apple cider vinegar works to eliminate bladder infections, soothe arthritis pain, treat nausea and stop itchy skin. "The Vinegar Anniversary Book" also states that apple cider vinegar can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, enhance memory, provide relief for sprained muscles, and get rid of the common cold.

In addition to providing recipes for tonics and home-remedy concoctions using apple cider vinegar, "The Vinegar Anniversary Book" also relates apple cider vinegar's history of use in Japan and China, as well as its resurgence in modern medicine and scientific research. According to Thacker, the American Academy of Otolaryngology recommends apple cider vinegar for the prevention of ear infections, and the Yale-New Haven Hospital uses it to disinfect the hospital.

Although the book often touts apple cider vinegar as a common remedy for many health ailments, it also recommends vinegar for other uses, such as cleaning, polishing, cooking and preserving.

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