What Are Some Videos That Kids Can Watch on YouTube?

What Are Some Videos That Kids Can Watch on YouTube?

YouTube offers a variety of children's videos. Channels that offer children's content include PBS Kids, How It Should Have Ended Kids, SciGirls, Disney Shorts and Sprout.

PBS Kids is PBS' children's programming arm. Its YouTube channel features clips of its shows, as well as song segments. Full episodes of some programs, such as "WordGirl," are also offered.

How It Should Have Ended Kids is a child-oriented spinoff of the popular YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended. It offers videos featuring kid-friendly, "fractured" versions of popular familiar fairy tales and nursery rhymes, along with parodies of other media such as "Star Wars." Videos on how to draw various nursery rhyme characters are also offered.

"SciGirls" is an educational program presenting girls involved in the STEM fields of science, technology, education and math. The program features bookend segments featuring two animated characters. The "SciGirls" YouTube channel offers episodes in English and Spanish.

Disney Shorts is a channel from Disney that features various animated shorts, including a series of new Mickey Mouse cartoons originally produced for the Disney Channel.

Sprout is a preschooler cable channel that features a mix of original and PBS children's programming. The YouTube channel offers clips of Sprout's various shows, including its most popular program, "The Sunny Side Up Show."