Are Verizon Cable Channels the Same Across the Nation?


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Verizon cable television channels can vary by location but some are standard throughout the country and often have the same channel number, although there are exceptions. Verizon usually assigns different channel numbers to local stations and network affiliates, and offers different channel options to subscribers in different areas.

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For example, Verizon Fios subscribers can view Lifetime on channel 140, QVC on channel 150 and SyFy on channel 180, whether they are in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York or Philadelphia. However, some network affiliates and local stations are different. For example, Verizon usually assigns channel 2 to the local CBS affiliate across the country, but the local FOX affiliate is channel 11 in Los Angeles, channel 13 in Tampa and channel 5 in New York.

Channel availability also varies by area. Sports fans in Dallas can choose to receive the Longhorn Network, while viewers in New York have MSG as an option and Massachusetts subscribers can choose NESN. These options are not available outside their home markets.

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