What Venues Are on the Mecum Auto Auction Schedule?

The Mecum auto auction schedule includes various cities in the United States, including Chicago, Anaheim, Davenport, Austin and Las Vegas. Other stops in the Mecum auto auction schedule for both 2015 and 2016 also include Kissimmee, Kansas City, Houston, Indianapolis and Lapeer. Mecum auto auctions generally involve the sale of various types of vehicles, including collector cars, collector motorcycles, antique motorcycles, vintage tractors or collector tractors.

As of 2015, most of Mecum's auto auctions are also broadcast live on NBCSN for car auctions or RFD TV for tractor auctions. A complete list of all of Mecum's auctions is available to view under the Auctions tab on Mecum.com. Interested bidders can also view a consignment list and details for each individual auction or place a vehicle on any open auctions with a Consign Now link. Not all auctions on the page provide a link to a consignment list.

Mecum Auctions held its first official auction at Rockford Airport in 1988. As of 2015, the organization states that it offers a selection of over 15,000 vehicles through its auctions annually. The company is based in Walworth, Wisconsin and hosts an average of more than one auction per month every year. Mecum Auctions is also rated as the number one global auction in terms of the volume of collector cars sold through their various auctions.