What Is "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury?


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"The Veldt" is short story written by Ray Bradbury, and it was first published in 1950 as "The World the Children Made" in "The Saturday Evening Post." This science fiction story relates the lives of a family who live in an automated home called the "Happylife Home."

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The Hadley family is comprised of the parents, George and Lydia, and their two children, Peter and Wendy. The family's futuristic home takes care of all their needs, including cooking and cleaning. Its most noteworthy feature is its nursery, which is designed to produce realistic audio and visual scenes based on the thoughts of the inhabitants. Peter and Wendy eventually use the nursery's feature to create an African veldt, or open and uncultivated grassland, with charging lions. This concerns Lydia, who asks the nursery to be closed and all automatic functions of the home to be turned off so that the family could take a vacation.

The story ends with the children locking up George and Lydia as they come to take them away from the nursery. Later, David McClean, the family's psychologist, finds the children eating in the African veldt with no sign of George and Lydia, who are implied to have been killed by the children.

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