Are Vapor Cigarettes Allowed in Movie Theaters?

Major movie theaters, such as AMC theatres, do not allow e-cigarettes. Regional chains, such as Golden Star Theaters, also ban e-cigarettes, stating that the devices are distracting to other moviegoers.

Though some e-cigarette merchants tell customers the devices are usable anywhere, this is not actually the case. As of 2015, e-cigarettes are banned or at least prohibited in many of the areas where traditional cigarette bans are enforced.

Amtrak bans e-cigarettes on all of its trains, buses and inside any stations. Amtrak does allow limited e-cigarette use during smoking stops. Even during these smoking stops, Amtrak requires those using e-cigarettes to remain next to the train or bus and outside of any designated non-smoking area. Smoking stops are not available on all trips, and the stops are sometimes eliminated when the train or bus is running late.

The U.S. Department of Transportation also bans e-cigarette use on all U.S. flights. The ban applies to domestic airlines and all foreign carriers operating aircraft within U.S. territory.

While many college campuses allow students to use e-cigarettes, most mandate that the devices cannot be used within about 25 feet from the entrances of university buildings, a similar prohibition placed upon tobacco cigarettes. Starbucks enforces a similar rule, banning both traditional and e-cigarettes within 25 feet of its stores.