How Does Vanna White Stay Looking so Young?

Vanna White credits her youthful appearance to many years of regular exercise and healthy eating. While some have speculated she has undergone plastic surgery and Botox treatments, the celebrity has never acknowledged having had either procedure.

Prior to co-starring on the popular "Wheel of Fortune" game show, White said she struggled with weight gain and depression as she attempted to find work in the entertainment industry. To cope with her frustration and anxiety, she said she ate compulsively, gaining 25 pounds in a hurry, further hindering her prospects for work as an actress and model.

However, at one point she decided to make a drastic change and began limiting her portions and eating only nutritious foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. She also started running regularly. Before long she lost 10 pounds and then another 15 shortly after that.

Within a few months, famous television producer Merv Griffin chose her to appear on "Wheel of Fortune." White credits her health regimen with ensuring her big break.

Today, White says she eats only when she is hungry and allows her cravings to dictate the contents of her diet. When she wakes up hungry for pancakes, she figures her body needs the carbohydrates, so she allows herself to have them. Once a week or so, she craves red meat and assumes she needs that as well.