Are vampires real today?


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Vampires do not exist in modern society; in fact, vampires have never existed. They are fictional beings that arose as the result of superstitious beliefs in several ancient cultures. The first appearance of the vampire myth seems to have originated in Egypt.

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Are vampires real today?
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Vampires are sensationalized across many forms of media. Perhaps the most widely recognizable vampire is Bram Stoker's Dracula. Stoker's character is based on the real-life Romanian prince Vlad Tepes, otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler. Vlad received such a nefarious nickname due to 15th century rumors that he drunk the blood of his enemies. The name Dracula comes from Vlad's surname, Dracula, which means "son of the dragon" but was thought to mean "son of the devil" by Stoker. Interestingly, Vlad Tepes is hailed as a national hero by many Romanians, who consider the tales about his wickedness to be propaganda spread by his enemies. Vampire fiction remains in the spotlight with popular novels and films such as the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer, the "Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice, and the HBO series "True Blood."

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