Where Do Vampires Live and Sleep?


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Vampires can be divided into two categories: Supernatural creatures in fictional works and real people who believe they are vampires. Fictional vampires tend to live in expensive homes and sleep in coffins or dirt from their home. Live vampires live in typical homes and sleep where they are comfortable.

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The most popular vampiric tales are about Vlad Tepes, known as Dracula, and Elizabeth Bathory. Vlad Tepes was a Romanian lord from the mid-1400s known for defending his people from the Ottoman Turks. Bram Stoker attached Tepes' name to his iconic Dracula, a character compiled from a variety of Dark Ages superstitions. Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian countess and a prolific serial killer who bathed in the blood of local young women in hopes of maintaining her youth and beauty.

In Bram Stoker's tale about Dracula, the vampire needed to sleep in soil from his home to maintain his powers and immortality. Sleeping in a coffin helped with this process because the coffin allowed him to be fully-enclosed by the necessary soil. Dracula was presented as a nobleman and thus lived in luxury.

Elizabeth Bathory never claimed to have supernatural powers, though in modern retellings of her tale, Dracula's sleeping circumstances are imposed upon her. Like Dracula, Bathory was nobility and accordingly lived in luxury.

In recent times, people worldwide have come to identify themselves as vampires. Many say they are energy vampires and derive their nourishment from the energy of people or crowds. Some consume blood that is provided to them by willing donors. Because these people have no supernatural powers and a normal human lifespan, their residences and sleeping locations are typical for humans.

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