What Are Some Vampire Movies in the Public Domain?


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Some vampire movies that are in the public domain include "Grave of The Vampire," "Crypt of The Living Dead," "Atom Age Vampire" and "Vampyr." Public domain is described as content that is not controlled or owned by a specific party, and it is therefore owned by the public. Other examples of publicly owned materials include books such as "The Brothers Karamazov" and music such as "A-Tisket A-Tasket."

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"Grave of The Vampire" was directed by John Hayes in 1974. The film centers around the main character, a vampire named Kroft, as he awakens from a long sleep. The movie follows Kroft as he commits horrific crimes and inadvertently procreates.

"Crypt of The Living Dead" was directed by Julio Salvador and Ray Danton in 1973. It stars Patty Shepard, Mark Damon and Andrew Prine. This film depicts a team of archaeologists who stumble upon a vampire burial ground during a dig. Action ensues when the team realizes the sleeping vampires are about to awaken with plans to attack a nearby town.

"Vampyr" is a German film produced in 1932 and directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer. This film tells the story of a superstitious traveller who finds evidence of vampire activity in his lodgings.

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