What Are Some Vampire Character Generators?


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Resources such as SeventhSanctum.com and SpringHole.net provide vampire character generators. These vampire character generators are helpful for writing vampire stories or comics or for vampire role-playing games.

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The vampire character generator from Seventh Sanctum allows users to choose from several vampire type categories. These categories include male and female regular, male and female anime and male and female monstrous. The regular category produces tame vampire characters, while the anime and monstrous categories are for more wild and exotic vampires. Users can also choose to generate up to 10 vampire characters at once.

The vampire character descriptions that Seventh Sanctum generates include appearance basics, special powers, weaknesses and dietary requirements. Examples of special powers include animal mind control, shape shifting and the ability to possess other bodies. Vampire weaknesses include being bitten by another vampire, sunlight allergies and sensitivities to materials that have been blessed.

The vampire character generator on SpringHole.com does not provide any custom options. Users click on the generator button and the site produces a random vampire character. In addition to a vampire character generator, this website provides a story generator for how the character became a vampire, name generators for vampires and Gothic or Victorian outfit generators.

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