How Do You Find the Value of a Mort Kunstler Print?

How Do You Find the Value of a Mort Kunstler Print?

To find the value of a Mort Kunstler print as of 2015, have it appraised by a neutral appraiser. Alternatively, find the print through a store, such as the online store on or, to determine its retail price.

To find a print on, visit the homepage and perform a search for the print. Click on a result to view the store's current price for that print. To browse store items, visit the homepage and place the cursor over The Store. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Limited Edition Prints. Click a category, and select an item in that category.

The value of any print varies significantly based on the seller, the condition of the print and the current market. The two types of art sellers are retailers and resellers. Retailers include art dealers, galleries and art business professionals. Any other parties are resellers. Resellers often sell art through online auctions, classified ads or flea markets.

Retailer prices are typically much higher than reseller prices. When appraising a print for a private party, the appraiser bases the value on what comparable pieces sell for outside of retail settings.

If many resellers offer a print, the average price decreases. Once the print is less common, the average price increases.