What Are Some Uses for Unity Poems?


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Some uses for unity poems include invocations at political rallies, commemorative verses at weddings and calls to action at civic meetings. Funerals and other church services, club meetings, and family holidays are some other occasions where unity poems are appropriate.

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Many people are familiar with unity poems in the context of religious observances and rites such as weddings. For instance, "Benediction of the Apaches" emphasizes a married couple’s unity: “Now you are two bodies, / But there is only one Life before you.” Unity poems are also commonly used as wedding vows and to make marriage proposals. One example is “Under the Capri's Lovely Moon-Rich,” where the speaker offers to “give up anything to spend a night on a balcony adorned with roses, / I'll sing a sweet song to you sweetheart while you glow with happiness; . . . darling, look far and dream with me.”

Another common use of unity poems is in calls to community action regarding racial equality, conservation and other hot-button political issues. Poems such as “Only In A Perfect World” are often used at community events to invoke a common purpose. For example, organizers of a conservation rally could remind attendees that only in a perfect world “Would we see how we're all in this together, / As well as progress forward through our love of nature.” while a rally promoting ethnic diversity may begin with this passage from “Unity in Diversity”: “That’s what people today should be / Humans embracing harmony and happiness.”

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