What Are Some Uses for Small Display Easels?


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You can use small display easels to display small paintings or photos on a surface such as a table, desk or mantle. Functional easel designs are also useful for creating paintings that are small enough to be propped up on a table.

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Display easels that are small enough to fit on a counter top may be useful for holding small decorative plates. This type of easel can also prop up recipe books. Easels such as the ones available in the tabletop easel selection on Displays2Go.com are ideal for this purpose. In general, easels that are non-adjustable are useful for displaying decorations.

Wooden easels are usually adjustable to different heights and angles. You can use this type of easel for display, painting or presentations. For example, a teacher may place a pad of presentation paper on a tabletop easel. The pad of paper stays in place on the easel while the teacher turns the pages to display a new set of notes.

Miniature easels, such as the ones available on Michaels.com, are well-suited for displaying items in small spaces, such as on a bookshelf or on top of a fireplace mantle. These easels may be adjustable to hold very small canvases or photographs.

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