How Do You Use a Vinyl Cutter to Make Letters?


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A vinyl cutter is a computer-controlled device that operates by using a small blade to cut out shapes and letters from adhesive vinyl. In order to produce letters with a vinyl cutter, you need to create or choose the image, or vector graphic, that you want to cut out. You can input the image into the vinyl cutter via a USB or serial cable.

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Next, load the vinyl into the machine. Adhesive vinyl comes in a variety of colors, but only solid ones. If you plan on creating different colored letters, you need to use a new sheet of vinyl with each letter or shape. The vinyl cutter then traces and cuts along the outline. It is important to ensure that the vinyl is straight as it runs, or it can slip out from between the rollers.

Vinyl cutters are most commonly used to make signs, using the positives, which are the actual letters, or the negatives, which are the empty spaces where the letters were cut out. Various sizes of vinyl cutters are available, as well as different cutting software. You can also use heat transfer material or transfer paper with vinyl cutters for use on apparel and other fabrics.

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