How Do You Use a Superhero Avatar Creator?

How Do You Use a Superhero Avatar Creator?

Visit the Marvel website and go to Create Your Own Superhero. When the screen appears, click Begin. The app allows users to create, name and match costumes for many of Marvel's characters.

The Marvel website includes plenty of games to keep kids and adults entertained for hours, one of which is its Superhero creator. To use the avatar creator, follow these steps.

  1. Select a base
  2. Select one of the three images on the card that pops up on the screen that says Select Base.

  3. Name the avatar
  4. Under the words Prototype Data, name the avatar.

  5. Select the features
  6. Begin choosing the avatar's physical features. Give it a hero pack designed after a Marvel character, or enter custom options such as skin type, head and accessories. Users may give their characters accessories like glasses, a tail or a logo.

  7. Select what to do with the avatar
  8. Choose what to do with the finished product. Choices include, Send to a Friend, Save, Download and Print.

All options are free, and users can generate as many avatars as they want. If at any time a user is unhappy with his avatar, he may click on the Start Over button at the top left side of the screen.